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Cambridge Jenkins III, Author Pain & Victory

A little help, a lot of inspiration and step by step guidance lead to this Face book set up and management, banner creation, rotation, promotion, and lots of community excitement morphing into musical CD's, and more.

Jimmy Morris, Founder TPRT

Texas Paranormal Research Team lead investigator, Jimmy Morris is now the official 'Go-To' for The History Channel, The Texas Library System, and the official investigating team of the America's Most Proclaimed Haunted Places.

Maurice Grey, Gospel singer

We are in the business of making dreams come true. His dream came true, we got him a spot stage prime time Friday Night after the Frey at the prestigious Louisianan Delta Fest.

Gary Starta, Author

Author of 'The Caitlin Diggs Series', author Gary Starta approached us with some unique challenges in a flooded market. We found a unique way for him to stand out and make the impact he desired!