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For Musicians Authors and Online Advisors taking their careers to the next level the PREMIUM PROMOTION PACKAGE is to give the information and tools they need to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of self-promotion. We work every day to create a future where players are fairly represented and recognized for their work. Our specialty is in understanding the needs of our clients without breaking their budget at the same time. We hold many exclusive contracts, have the most impact on breaking ground for new music, books, and services; and the most bang for your hard-earned buck.

Do you find yourself performing free and offering services at give-away prices all too often?

Tier I promotion is for mature artists and service providers that are ready to take their career seriously at the next level. Often causing a quick pop of explosive interest, this promotion is for those who are prepared to exploit the opportunities this presents. Are you ready to charge what you are worth? Are you prepared to get the recognition you deserve? We work with you to construct a professional uniform invitation for those you seek to come to you to do serious business.

We help you to create a press statement based on your bio and career expansion plans. We will garner media interest in your radio interview, which connects you to your current and future fans, colleagues, venues, and clients with it. We distribute your Mp3 after the interview and add it to your Press Release. We send it to media outlets who will be prepared to approach you, the expert in your field! We only accept prepared and seasoned artists to ensure congruence of our mutual success. You retain all copyright and ownership rights. An MP3 of your interview for you to continue to distribute to media and responsibility for your career, success, and profit.

For those who want to 'dabble' in success, we have ala carte services. This exclusive package is for those who are ready to take on new clients, new projects, and new sales gigs. The ultimate success of your career depends on you, our package presents you the opportunity to take your seat as a serious major industry player in your field.

Interview Details: Your live chat interview is over the phone. It will be an announcement in the press release, broadcast LIVE to our International Partners, and recorded for you on Mp3 to distribute to further your career as a serious, bookable expert, talent, or artist. The Interview will be available ‘on demand’ and distributed via social media for 30 (consecutive) days for you proving recognition for the substantial commitment to industry leadership you deserve.


for Musicians Authors and Online Advisors

Written & Distributed Press Release

30 Minute LIVE Professional Radio interview

Digital Banner Design

National multi-platform Promotion

30 day Digital Social Media Promotion

30 Days Encore Airplay

30 day On Demand Access

Audio File Mp3 for your website

FREE BONUS with this exclusive package offer:

Increase algorithm recognition and maximize brand reliability while you leverage your fan base. Three Meta Tag Hash-tags with this promotional offer with SEO maximizing potential. More recognition, more viable contracts, and more profit for you.

Tier I Promotion $1650

Promotion service menu
Digital Promotion Ad-Distribution
Press Release $235
Single $500
Mp3 Distribution $ 425
Radio Interview $125
Airplay $385


Social Media Campaign(30day) $175


Service Menu : $2360 Value Serious Artists, Authors, and service providers prepared for success and ready to reach out to the industry opportunities can take advantage of this when it is time to make a next level move.

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We reserve the right to limit the number of clients we can serve. Please be sure to connect with all of your data (image, bio, work sample, budget, and time to dedicate to your career and success)

Project Manager: LouCDiamond

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