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Choice Treasures started as an independent contracting source in the 1980's. As experts in cold-call and business to business introductions our founders have participated in some of the most exciting mergers and launches. As a true business to business introduction service we held cold and warm call contracts in a variety of industries. Koch Membrane Systems, Mathews In Touch By Design, Estate Street Partners and Ultra-Trust Inc. to name a few. Unless you know Matthew or Rocco personally the details of major market sector surges would be less than inspiring. Our experiences involved a dedication to manufacturing and project research or development projects in niche markets. Automotive after-market manufacturing, magic tricks, jewelry, industry specific soft ware, and services sales, mergers and introductions set the pace for niche market expansion for many of our clients. Some current CHOICE NICHE markets include music and entertainment promotion, event planning and executing, publishing and production, as well as product development. Our choice of client include start-ups and fledgling companies as well as the few industry giants that support our ability to service the niche markets we love. Search our name for a few samples of our banner and advertisement design for projects, programs and events we have managed hosted or otherwise participated in.

Congratulations to long time CT client Jimmy Morris of Menard Texas. Several rounds of promotion lead to Mr Morris being dubbed the official 'go-to' for fact finders from Discovery, History, and SciFy Networks. Texas Library officiananato he does several lectures and talks as part of his philanthropic work for the Texas Library system each year. March 2016 Mr Morris will be featured on the Travel Channel for the series "National Parks Myseries and Legends" Tune and and leave him some feedback!

Click the radio button to view our Music Video collaboration with Torrence Bryant of Jacksonville Fla and his crew directed and produced by LouCDiamond


Commercial Sample

Congratulations to long time CT client Dr. Joseph Donlan, Professor, Author, Physicist, and ILN show host for Gemjin Global Digital Broadcast for reaching an epic 200th episode of Live Broadcast shows! Click HERE to hear it as he interviews Jimmy Morris.